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Ivan Katchanovski is a falsifier of the Maidan massacre

Ivan Katchanovski is a falsifier of the Maidan massacre in Ukraine and  contemporary history of Ukraine 


 Ivan Katchanovski produced the pseudo-scientific paper named "The “Snipers’ Massacre” on the Maidan in Ukraine" which is based on the deliberate falsifications of the Maidan events. Everyone who closely scrutinizes his paper sources and other videos about the Maidan in Ukraine will come to conclusions that the Ivan Katchanovski's paper The “Snipers’ Massacre”    on the Maidan" is a total falsification.  Particularly, Ivan Katchanovski on purpose ignores the overwhelming majority of shootings on many videos where people were killed from  the direction of the police "Berkut" barricade on Instituska street in Kiev. If everyone closely examines Ivan Katchanovski's source videos which he utilized in his paper named  "The “Snipers’ Massacre” on the  Maidan in  Ukraine", everyone will notice many shootings into Maidan protesters from the direction of police on Institutska street in Kiev. 

There are  can not be downplayed or discounted a few episodes on videos where a few bullets might be shot at the back of protesters. However, it is very hard to judge without forensic investigations that these shootings were actually made from the behind of protesters. 

The Ivan Katchanovski's sources and videos used in his fake paper named "The “Snipers’ Massacre” on the Maidan in Ukraine" do NOT corroborate his conclusions in his  false research that Maidan protesters were shot from the locations controlled by Maidan forces. 

 To support his claim that Maidan protesters were shot at their backs, Ivan Katchanovski refers to the video episode showing a bullet hit a tree as  the proof that this bullet was fired from the hotel under control of protesters. In realty, this bullet was fired from  the opposite direction -- the direction of the police barricade on Institutska street.  The video shows  the moment when bullet exited  from the opposite side of the tree. The small fountain on  the tree from hitting bullet on the video  indicates that this video  episode demonstrates the leaving bullet from the opposite side of the tree.

On this video ( 60 Ibid; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0DxkDiAcSF8  ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sBZKrUYCPxg  ))    Berkut police fire bullets from the location of the  Berkut police barricade at the advancing up Maidan protesters. One bullet hit  through the trunk of tree and came out from the side of the tree facing camera and the Hotel of “Ukraine” (00:18 and 2:42 minutes)..... ....