Нидерланды (Голландия), Амстердам

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Thanks for Maria Salnikova

I believe that Maria`s one of the Best Forex experts on the British pound and other currencies
I periodically watch her predictions on the YouTube channel
I recommend everyone to listen her releases
thank for her kindness)

Will the continuation of the Game of Thrones

People believed that Daenerys Targaryen died
What if it’s not?
if someone else died instead.
I think the HBO team could do a sequel to the throne saga
but they’re gonna need a good script.

Vika Starikova – Три желания (Ilya Golitsyn remix)

Vika Starikova – Три желания (Ilya Golitsyn remix)
Music by Francis Lemarque (Франсис Лемарк)
Russian poems by Samuil Bolotin (Самюил Болотин)
this is my Remix of Vicky Starikova's song "Three Wishes"
Vika has a very beautiful and gentle voice
She's An Angel
with my best wishes for her

это мой ремикс на песню Вики Стариковой "Три Желания".
У Вики очень красивый и нежный голос.
Она Ангел !
мои самые лучшие пожелания для нее.


LWRecordings music compilation

I'd like to heartily thank the British music label LW Recordings for including my tracks in their compilation
I recommend this great label to all the musicians and DJs
with my respect and appreciation for you

Я рекомендую цей відмінний лейбл всім музикантам і ді-джеям
з повагою і вдячністю до вас
ністю до вас

Ilya Golitsyn Madchen mit zartem Herzen

Ich prasentiere ihnen die schone Sangerin Julia Terebian mit einer sehr schonen und sanften Stimme
horen Sie Ihre wunderbaren Lieder
fur mich Ehre schreiben Musik fur Sie

Ilya Golitsyn Oceana

*Ik draag deze muziek op aan een van 's werelds beste nachtclubs in het Verenigd Koninkrijk...
Ik ben de mensen dankbaar die hun hart en energie hebben gestoken in de oprichting van deze prachtige club!

Ilya Golitsyn Starry sky of Lapland

(chill out house and trance mixes)
Special thanks to Tanya Pastushkova, Connor Devine, Dom Kerley, Alex Powell, David Clark,  
James Macpherson, Chris Chambers, Matt Abbott
Distribution of music is Label Worx Limited 
Golitsyn music label
all rights reserved in the United Kingdom, 2019
This Music is dedicated to the magical nature of winter Lapland and to the kind and sincere people who live there

thanks to Namecheap.com

I wanted to thank the hosting company namecheap.com
I've been using their services for many years.
Thanks to the management and support team for helping people

Ilya Golitsyn & dj Gayaterria

Ilya Golitsyn & dj Gayaterria
musique promotionnelle
Royaume-Uni, 2019