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Заметки с меткой «graveworm»

Graveworm - Diabolical Figures

Песня из нового 2009 альбома:Diabolical Figures Итальянской Блэк\Дум метал группы Graveworm.

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PS Special for Shinigami! :)

Stefan Fiori – вокал

Eric Righi – гитара

Orgler "Stirz" Thomas – гитара

Harry Klenk – бас

Sabine Mair – клавишные

Maschtl Innerbichler – ударные

I'm still awake but I don't feel alive Feel my hate and wait for me to die I wanna see your bleed, just kill your name I steel your life, still remains a lie

Torture – let the killing begins Blinded – stand in the falling blood Illusions – through a tunnel of madness Forever – diabolical figures

Terror will reign, there's nothing left to claim I will take your breath, until you go insane I'll destroy your life, deadth will be your final call Just like a storm crushed the human mankind

Rage of figures – the end is near Born to die – have no pride Reign of terror – this is war Hopeless and rentless – souls left behind Blood, fire, death – the earth is losing Diabolical figures arise

You want to seek revenge but You don't have the toold I join the feast and kill what burns inside Realize the fear when it's too late to go Don't believe the mask Have to play the victim game

I feel the fear takes hold Lies made sense somehow I will destroy your life That's the will to kill Nothing gonna stop me now All your hope is gone Will you ever understand Living on your knees



Graveworm-Demonic Dreams