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Gardening Partner

Ladies, I would really like to find a FRIEND that likes to garden. Raise vegetables, flowers, plants and likes to cook like I do. Canning, making cakes, pies, salads and really LOVES to cook. Please, I am not looking for some sexcapade. JUST a good friend that likes these things. Oh, English would be very helpful and of course I NEED A GARDEN. If you have a nice clean garden with a very clean kitchen, we can really bake some cookies, plant some tomatoes and who knows what else. I am a REGULAR guy. Very straight and do not smoke, no drugs and very safe guy to hang around with. If you like photography, out doors, camping, hiking, swimming, running, dancing and other activities, contact me.

TV is not one of my interests. Travel is. Oh, one more thing, I am in very good shape and can keep up with anyone half my age. Yep, I am an old guy, over 40. ha! Don't let that get in your way. Remember, I am looking for a FRIEND not a one night rodeo please. Yes, I am also from the USA but live here full time in Odessa. Sorry, no car here yet but soon.