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INWARD PATH:   ó  - 䳿 (www.gepr.net)

- ( 2000 ).

ó - 䳿 -: http://www.gepr.net/i.html#INWARDPATH - : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lkdUfK_1mzs&feature=channel_page www.inwardpath.tripod.com 䳿: Inward Path [Ukraine] Updated 3/15/02

Golodomr (94, Cassette) Antiar (96, Cassette) Labyrinth (98, Cassette,CD) Citadel (2000 CD)
Inward Path - Top Left: Pavel Korsun (bass), Middle: Grigory Velchev (drums), Top Right: Yegor Golovachev (keyboards), Bottom Left: Alexander Melnik (vocals), Bottom Right: Vitaly Yatsuck (guitars)

Inward Path is a progressive metal band from the Ukraine. I've only heard Citadel, their sole CD release, though this also has 3 bonus tracks on it from Labyrinth.

You'll probably get some idea of what this band is like by the fact that all but one of their releases includes a cover song from bands they obviously admire. These covers are by O. Osborne, Black Sabbath, and on Citadel, "Sacred Serenity" by Death. As they say, you're known by the company you keep, and these guys are every bit as heavy and metallic as the bands they cover.

Vocalist Alexander Melnik sings in English, though I must say I have a tough time hearing the lyrics. What I can hear displays little Russian accent, though what there is simply makes it sound more cynically resolute. A Russian accent isn't bad for death metal. Too bad you can't hear the lyrics better, because they are really well written (in a depressing sort of way). Fortunately, the band has posted these on their web site, and they're worth reading.

Ah, but this isn't just plain vanilla death metal (if there is such a thing). There is some good composition and musicianship to be heard here among the riffing guitars, eccentric bass lines and high-speed solos. And actual keyboards you can hear, too! The keyboardist seems to like a kind of raspy harpsichord kind of sound, which has its own variety of metallic sizzle that cuts through the guitars and goes well with the music. This album is well done and should appeal to fans of this variety of prog metal. You won't find Citadel in general distribution, but you can order it from the Inward Path web site (see link below). Rumor has it that Inward Path have recently disbanded, but enough attention from the west (and a distribution channel to the west for their music) might convince them to make some more of this music, so order your CD now and let the band know if you like them! -- Fred Trafton

Iced Earth [USA] Updated 8/19/06
Iced Earth (91) Night of the Stormrider (92) Burnt Offerings (95) The Dark Saga (96) Something Wicked This Way Comes (98) Alive in Athens (99, Live) Horror Show (01) Tribute to the Gods (02, Album of cover tunes with songs by Kiss, Iron Maiden, AC/DC, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper and Blue yster Cult) Days of Purgatory (03, 2CD, Re-recordings of earlier albums and previously unreleased material) The Glorious Burden (04, Available as single CD or double CD "deluxe" version. US and European releases have slightly different song lists.) The Blessed and the Damned (04, 2CD, Compilation)
Iced Earth (The Glorious Burden Line-up, not in photo order) - Tim "Ripper" Owens (vocals), Richard Christy (drums), James Macdonough (bass), Jon Schaffer (guitar), Roger Stevens (guitar?)

Those of you who have read many of my GEPR entries will know that prog-metal isn't one of my favorite prog genres, in general. Still, when I run across a band I've read about in other prog web sites that I know nothing about, has a cool album cover and costs only $3.98 at Half-Price Books, I'm likely to take a chance. Such was the case with Iced Earth's Something Wicked This Way Comes. While not my favorite album of the prog-metal genre by any means, I can't say it was a mistake to pick it up, under the circumstances.

My first impression of the album wasn't that great. The songs alternated bewtween two styles. The odd-numbered songs featured shredding speedy power metal guitars, machine gun drums and a vocalist who sounded like what Geddy Lee might have sounded like in the early days if he was on amphetemines and removed the tight rubber band from his testicles (i.e. this guy screams more in the tenor range than the soprano). The even numbered songs are mellower and remind me frequently of Dream Theater's A Change of Seasons, an album which I like quite a lot. But the lyrical content is very sad and downbeat, which I can no longer tolerate for the length of a whole album. I used to enjoy this sort of thing when I was younger, but now ...

So, for the first part of the album, I had about decided that Iced Earth was an OK power metal band, but I couldn't really see what this had to do with prog. But then came the "Something Wicked This Way Comes" trilogy, three lengthy songs that fill about the last third of the album. This is a really excellent prog-metal mini-concept album in itself. Sorta like Rush's 2112, a "side-long" concept piece from the old says. Now it's clear why these guys are considered to cross the boundaries between plain "power metal" and "prog-metal". This piece doesn't have the same feel throughout the song, instead switching at a moment's notice from mellow chording to two measures of shred and back to mellow again, and changing from melodic vocals to screaming anguish just as quickly. Of course, the "concept" is a time-honored prog tradition, and the story line here, while perhaps not the most original thing in the world, is sort of cool, and it's easy to get hooked into the story and enjoy it.

So, a mixed review. Most of the album I could do without. But the "Something Wicked This Way Comes" trilogy alone made the album well worth the money I payed for it, so overall I feel better educated and found an album I can enjoy at least a significant portion of. Even among other albums I would have to categorize as "more prog", I can't always say that. I'd pick up another album from these guys, and I can't always say that either. Not a bad review from someone who isn't much of a prog-metal fan.

One last thing ... Iced Earth has said on their web site that their next release(s) will be a 2CD concept album of "Something Wicked This Way Comes". They're evidently planning on writing the entire thing, then recording it in two sections with release on two separate CD's about six months apart. At least that's the plan for now. I could like this. I'll be waiting for it. -- Fred Trafton

Click here for Iced Earth's web site http://youtu.be/XOZhorWtOR8

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