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Old dog, new tricks

  • 21.01.09, 15:46
Every time I look at you now, I know it. It feels so safe and secure. I am finally comfortable with feeling
or thinking it. I accept you.
For who you were, are and will not be. For never being there for me, for letting me down and for all that other crap. For the way you believe you have changed and for trying to make me play along.
I finally accept all about you and do not need anything in return. This feeling is serene and genuine, unquestionable and unconditional. 

But, if ever, it only comes afterwards.

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126.01.09, 11:21

Вот и я пришел и сразу заметку со звуком) Тенденция?)

    226.01.09, 12:19Ответ на 1 от Си@фу

    Вот и я пришел и сразу заметку со звуком) Тенденция?)))) привет)
    а то!
    куда пропал? как оно?)

      328.01.09, 08:29Ответ на 2 от Lika_uafm

      Да что то пропал))

        428.01.09, 10:13Ответ на 3 от Си@фу

        Да что то пропал))главное, пределы периметра не покидай))