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The Sense

I hate people, my relatives, all countries. I hate the whole society in a way I cannot verbally express, I despise human's motivations, character, communication, crowds, my life and the universe. Some special people though appear in my life whom, I begin to think, I like for a little time untill I start hating them even more than others. This worthless, mind-departed and pitiful world must die. I'd like to see you all burning in hell. We are nothing. Why do I write this crap here: I want you to know how much I hate you and want you to die.

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18.03.08, 23:59

Every day, we become more look like our future dead body...
Keep patience….
Do not you want to burn in to hell?
You will be single in to paradise….

    29.03.08, 00:04Ответ на 1 от Midori-san

    And who told you I want to die? ... Well, may be it's true only a little )

      39.03.08, 00:21Ответ на 2 от Client

      what difference where to stand alone?
      here or in to paradise...

        49.03.08, 11:08Ответ на 3 от Midori-san

        I think in paradise there is no such word as "alone"...

          59.03.08, 11:32

          I am inclined to idea...I would like, that neither paradise nor hell was...

            69.03.08, 11:36Ответ на 5 от Midori-san

            I am inclined to idea...I would like, that neither paradise nor hell was...I'm sure you are absolutely right )

              79.03.08, 11:41Ответ на 6 от Client

              and that then instead, how do you think?

                89.03.08, 12:19Ответ на 7 от Midori-san

                I am atheist so... There is nothing. Our flesh and energy will dissolve in the ground and become a part of the rest of the world... No memories, no feelings, no dreams.

                  99.03.08, 13:51Ответ на 8 от Client

                  I am a not atheist..but trust..more faithful I want to become simply by energy...