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How do you think will it be so difficult to do a copy of this costume? 

P.S. It is costs 9 million dollars



125.09.14, 14:41

I think - no.

    225.09.14, 14:58

    I have a counter-question: how did you generate such a strange idea? At least, you should have a space ship to test that suit

      325.09.14, 15:19Ответ на 2 от Бес Понятия

      I am a designer of clothes but not a mechanical bilder. You must to ask this question to another specialists. This idea is not strange. I need a bodyscaner in Poltava and i think about variants how I can to buy it. Bodyscaner costs a lot of money , not so expensive as diving-dress, but it is a lot for me.

        425.09.14, 15:44Ответ на 3 от vitannya17

        Do you mean a creation of the electronic copy of this suit, using the mentioned body scanner? If so - it would be a cool idea, but - why? I'm still do not understand - this suit is a high-technology device (multi-layer structure, life supporting system etc) and copying it is useless, as for me...
        By the way, a diving suit is not quite expensive

          525.09.14, 15:58Ответ на 4 от Бес Понятия

          When I was a student, our teachers talled us about bodyscaners. It was 10 years ago. And there are a lot of videos in Internet with using bodyscaners in work of fashion-salons, when cliets see theyselves on a monitor in different clothes. I think it must be not so video but reality yet. I want bodyscaner in Poltava. And by the way i want to do this costume lately.
          Diving-suit for american astronouts is costs a 9 million dollars. I saw this price in Internet.

            625.09.14, 16:47Ответ на 5 от vitannya17

            ok, I leave it at your option - if you wish to make a copy such suit, you need to find it somewhere at least More often it is named "space suit", not "diving", as the last one relates to underwater equipment.

              725.09.14, 17:42Ответ на 6 от Бес Понятия

              It was a parole. I have idea, but i have not construction yet. That"s why i need some secret.

                825.09.14, 18:02Ответ на 7 от vitannya17

                Anyway, I wish you be lucky in your quest

                  925.09.14, 18:05Ответ на 8 от Бес Понятия