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The Huzul brewery of Tsypa

The Huzul brewery of Tsypa is situated among the picturesque Carpathian mountains.
The craftsmanship and special interest of the brewers, the special gifts of the mountainous area, refined and recognized in the world imported components and pure water of the Carpathians - all this means that you are expecting and enjoying the tasting of Tsipa beer.
The number of tastes that the masters are experimenting with is impressive. Here and mountain bark lochina, and fragrant herbs, tangerines and fir ...
Traveling through the Carpathians, people are pleased to include Kvasy, Tsipa brewery and a restaurant, where Tsipu can still be tasted.
By the way, Tsipa is a brewery that is also concerned with feeding a traveler, and not just drinking a beer mug. Foods are delicious and original, in the Hutsul tradition, but taste the achievements of the modern culinary world.
Tsipa beer is very good when traveling in the mountains, but branded pubs are also in Kiev, Lviv, Nikolaev, etc.
Take advantage of Google maps, use Facebook and find Tipp in these cities.
Or just go to the site: http://www.tsypa.beer/
By the way, on this site you can buy kraft beer online, and get it there where it's convenient for you.