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Two words, three members

D-Generation X didn't only add tag championship gold to their ranks by unseating Jeri-Show for the Unified Tag Team Titles in late 2009, The Game & HBK also gained a new DX member in Hornswoggle. The most dimunitive member of DX yet, 'Swoggle proved his worth to his associates and even displayed heart bigger than many Superstars.
WWE TLC: DX wins titles | Meet Hornswoggle
Break it down

See some of DX's finest and funniest moments now on WWECLASSICS.com. Continue...

Plus, be sure to explore retrospective photos and videos of D-Generation X and see the duo paint the town lime green. DX Retrospective: Photos | Videos
Triple H

Triple H, bleeds DX green. Since the inception of D-Generation X in 1997, The Game has echoed one quite infamous rhetorical inquiry as a precursor to the team's hijinks: "Are you ready?"

If you're not ready, brush up on everything you need to know about The Cerebral Assassin.

Meet Triple H | Photos | Videos
Shawn Michaels

One of the most celebrated, iconic Superstars in WWE history is The Showstopper, Shawn Michaels. HBK has done it all, including kickstarting WWE's controversial faction, D-Generation X.

See Michaels' many feats and trace the career of a true ring legend.

Meet HBK | Photos | Videos
Detroit 'Shock' City

Live on Raw in Detroit in late 2009, D-Generation X reintroduced World Championship Wrestling's notoriously clumsy combatant, The Shockmaster, to special guest host and former WCW official Dusty Rhodes. See his rises and falls, courtesy of DX.

WATCH: DX's Shockmaster | Original Shockmaster
"Dead-Generation" X

When there's no more room in Hell, the dead will walk ... the squared circle? It's the sequel to WWE Zombies and the plagued, flesh-craving competitors - including a decomposed DX - are back for more.

WWE Zombies II photos & more

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