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Wireless speakers

  • 14.07.18, 23:58
TOP 12: best portable speakers in Australia in 2018

Take your favorite music with you on nature or on a trip? Enjoy its pure and powerful sound? Easily! We get help from wireless speakers. Of course, you can simply turn on the music from the smartphone, but not every model provides the quality of sound that even the simplest wireless speaker can provide. However, in order to enjoy a really good sound, you need to scrupulously approach the choice. We hasten to simplify your life a little: we found the best portable speakers in different price categories - there is an option for a picky music lover, and for a simple user who wants for small money to get acceptable sound quality and do not go into a lot of nuances.

How to choose a portable speaker?

Let's start with the basic information . If you are an expert in the field of speaker systems, you can skip this section. We have prepared a short educational program for those who first encountered the choice of a portable speaker and do not know how to find a really high-quality model.



  • monosystem;
  • power 3 W;
  • number of lanes AC - 1;
  • the range of reproduced frequencies is 90-20000 Hz;
  • autonomy 6 hours;
  • weight 0.14 kg;
  • cost about $ 16.

One of the best portable speakers in its price segment, and certainly the most functional. This "kid" gives the maximum volume at 77 dB , has a built-in flashlight, radio , can play music from a memory card, there is an output to the headphones . The model even got a bicycle attachment. The sound quality, of course, is not the most ideal, but for portable acoustics - more than acceptable, and if you take into account the price - so generally excellent. Users complain about unavailable voice prompts and a small flashlight power.

When choosing a portable column, the expression "keep your ears open" is more important than ever. The recipe is simple: you listen in the store to the right products, include different power, and if you like something, take it, you want to save it - come home and order via the Internet.
If you would like to buy best portable speakers in Australia, you can go to TechnoVolume.

Source: https://wireless-speakers.hatenablog.com/entry/2018/07/04/164953