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Chernobyl tours 2018

Our company has been engaged in excursions for many years and has great experience in quality preparation of trips.

For the help in organizing the excursion to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, we thank the ChernobylInterinform Agency.
At nine in the morning the excursion group from Kiev travels to Chernobyl on a comfortable bus. The distance from Kiev to Chernobyl is about 140 km.
Meeting with an escort to the thirty-kilometer zone at the checkpoint "Dityatki". Checking documents, vehicles and things. Read more: http://chernobylplace.com/tour-to-chernobyl/
A short course of training in behavior in the radiation-hazardous area, the use of protective equipment.

Photo near the 4th reactor of the Chernobyl NPP. You will be near the main "closed" object of the zone!
Visit the viewing pavilion of the press service of the "Shelter" facility (except for weekends!). Demonstration of a unique documentary film about liquidation and liquidators of anthropogenic explosion at the 4th reactor. Photo gallery, mock-ups of the nuclear power plant, little-known "first-hand" information about the state of the sarcophagus today.
Further on the program you will see the remains of the famous "red forest", part of which was left for scientific research. Extreme! A trip to Pripyat is a "ghost town", fenced with barbed wire. You will see abandoned houses in 1986, in which items of everyday use, furniture, curtains, books, musical instruments, toys have been preserved !!!