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Заметки с меткой «fucking money»

Fucking money

For me life is not just this fucking money!

Everybody live like robots in this planet.

I like life, i like live, i like do what i like!
I try, i do, have some mistakes, i try more, i like be happy, i like what i do, i like everybody who i know befor, who know now and who will be know in feature, i like be happy, i like my familly, i like travel!

I like everything in my life!!!

And not tell me how to live because it's just your experience!

And i can easy check your real feelings to me. And in this life its fucking money and it's so pity for me.
People dont know how many i have and i know how to apply this till people. And after people show me who is real and who is just illusion.

Its so pity for me when people try find in this life just money and lucre... but not life and relationship... It's so pity...So pity...

Is money
important in a relationship?

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