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Hello Again

Just to clarify my profile, I'm not really in Kiev. I'm actually in the U.S. city of Madison, Wisconsin.

In many ways, I wish I was in Kiev or somewhere with a lot of native Russian speakers because I'm sure I would learn the Russian language much faster.

I had a Russian lesson via skype today with my instructor from Minsk, Belarus. She will graduate from a language institute there this summer. She speaks excellent English and has been a huge help to me so far. I also have several great friends in Russia who have been helping me.
Today I was trying to grasp the use of his and other pronouns in Russian. I am also studying the instrumental case.

If you want to help me, please post some sentences that use pronouns in the genitive case in comments or post some sentences with the instrumental case. One example I know is I like coffee with milk. Milk is in the instrumental case in this sentence.

Ok, I hope to eventually meet some friends here, but I realize I just started posting here, and only a few people looking at these blogs are bound to know English and want to help me with Russian.

All good,


Are you living your Life Adventure?

Learning a language can be a lot of fun, but teaching it… WOW!!!   Life in Nikolaev Ukraine has truly been the adventure of a lifetime.   It’s been over three years since Larisa and I’d taught our first English lesson together.  It was February 14th….   Yes, Valentines Day 2008.   Larisa knew little English while I was  totally deficient in Russian.  In the few weeks before that day, we had visited a number of schools in Nikolaev.  Knocking on as many doors as we could find, while searching for the perfect opportunity.  I just wanted to teach English.  In the beginning, it was more about whether I could actually find a job here.  I came to Nikolaev for just one reason: to spend time with and get to know my sweetheart.  Little did we realize then, what we would be doing today.  We had opened our own language school in November 2008.  That was eight months after we started working at a language school we helped found that same year in March.  Larisa was the first manager, I was the first teacher, that was a great time for us.  This November we will celebrate our third year teaching English at our school; Larisa School of Language.  Life is an Adventure, live it!……. I know that phrase well.  I have been living my adventure nearly four years now.  I can remember when Larisa and I celebrated lesson number 100.  Two weeks ago, lessons taught by me personally reached 4,302.  That’s a lot of….. am, is, are, along with The ABC’s and 123s.  I still look forward to sharing language and life with every student everyday.

Larisa and I live every day like it’s a new day.   Sharing time together with honesty and open communication while enjoying and looking forward to lives adventures around each and every corner.

Are you living your life adventure?  Live life to the fullest each and every day.

Life is an Adventure….. Live it!

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