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55 лет, телец, познакомится с парнем в возрасте 52-56 лет



Наши Нигерийские знакомые снова проявили себя!

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let me know the condition of this item and also get back to me with your last price

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The auction ends in 9 days. If you just decided to buy, I change the condition with the ability to send abroad. (If no other bids). DELIVERY CHARGE BUYER. Tell please, method of payment of the goods.
Thank you.

for mail i want you to know that am very much OK......with your price i want you to know that i will pay you for the shipping of the item to my pastor Wu was transfer to west African so.... i will like you to get me
the shipping cost with EMS poctex okay ...i need to pay you all the money cash so all you have to do now is to get back to me with your full banking details i need to pay you the money

 here are shipping address:
  name....Pastor Apesin
  address...10 somefun street
  post code...23401
  please it done by ems and get back to me with a good reply, sure excellent i will trust you and your words.

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Unfortunately, the proposed transaction is in the format you impossible. Trading is carried out only by the rules of the auction.


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19.03.12, 22:47

А я не поняла,про какой это аукцион...?

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    Аукцион называется Аукро

      Гость: Не ищите

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      Аукцион называется АукроАааа,знаю.