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[OCR01798] ABG - Final Fantasy VI Purity OC ReMix


Blast from the PAST! ABG's last posted mix was back in 2004... Bush was nearing the end of his first term, the economy was still in one piece, and the next gen consoles hadn't even hit yet. How time flies; Mr. Overn writes:

"Hey guys, time for another new remix from me! Hope you dig this one, it's a trance remix of FF6's The Prelude, which I've titled "Purity". I don't have anywhere to host it right now so I attached it to this email. If you're familiar with some of my older work, you'll know I've remixed this song before in a collab with auvixa, but a lot of time has passed since then and my skills have come a long way, so I wanted to do this song again and give it the treatment it deserves. I wanted to make something energetic and euphoric with the source material, like what you would hear in a good melodic trance set, and I think I suceeded."

Apparently the judges think he succeeded, too. It's been a couple months since our last FF6 mix, and I think 2009 is ready for the first of what will inevitably be many mixes from the game to see the light of day. There's no extended ambient intro/buildup here: Shawn gets going right out of the gate with a heavy thud kick and thumping octave bassline. Staple foods, sure, but getting the basics just right is a big part of the game with trance, and he does. While the beat's going right from the start, the source material actually takes awhile to gain a real foothold, with the ever-familiar prelude popping up in a breakdown at 1'38" with a nice plucked, dulcimer-type lead. When the beat finally drops back in circa 2'35" it's definitely satisfying. Cain writes:

"Boom tiss prelude? Why not. Hrm, I felt like this took a little long getting to the source. It was over a minute before the actual meat 'n' taters of the source appeared. Once it got there though, I thought the use was great. Very well adapted with style-appropriate additions. The middle break down for the introduction was very much welcome as the rest of the mix is wall of sound as noted."

The mix title here is appropriate; the arrangement approach is pure trance, and doesn't try to stray far from the form or incorporate a lot of crazy, unorthodox instrumentation. I honestly do like when artists try such experimentation, but I can also appreciate a more traditional, meaty trance track if all the right components are in place and solid. That's certainly the case here - it's been a long while, but hopefully we'll see Shawn again this year, as I imagine many will enjoy this come-back track.


Download linc http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01798/ (Скачать здесь!!!)

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просто супер, лови плюсик

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    (оказывается, у меня тоже похожая штука в компе есть: Xenogears - Humans + Gears
    приятно слушается)

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        Это OCR альбом # Published: 2009-10-19 by OverClocked ReMix

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          работа прошлого года

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            надо вскрыть старые сборки там тоже много притного

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              (оказывается, у меня тоже похожая штука в компе есть: Xenogears - Humans + Gears
              приятно слушается)
              Catalog Number: OCRA-0015

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